Monday, December 29, 2008

Showcase Results

Well, here I am back at work after being out for five days. Surprisingly, it's not that bad although there are a lot more people here than I thought there would be. Perhaps it's the current state of our economy that have people fearing for their jobs so instead of taking vacations this holiday season, people opted to come to work. Who knows. Anyway, on to the next topic...

After having my items on Etsy's show case for 24 hours, I got about 80 or so hits to my page. I'm not sure whether that's good or bad but it's certainly better than nothing. I made sure to feature the item that has received the most hits. Here's a photo of the earrings that I featured:

I'm proud of these earrings. I really like them, they're cheerful. I wonder why no one bought them? They are only $13. I already know the answer to this question. There are too many sellers on Etsy and I need to stand out. Perhaps take better photographs. I also need to find other outlets to market my jewelry in addition to Etsy.

I'll leave you with a very helpful post I found on Etsy's Forums. The post is written by Timothy Adams who has been very successful with selling handcrafted metal jewelry on Etsy and in other outlets as well. I'm definitely taking a lot of his advice and you might want to as well.

Until later...

Beth (AKA Battina68)

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